London City

Welcome to LPTC


A message of welcome from Gerry Takamura



I am delighted to welcome you to our College and thank you for  your interest. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and  especially  friendly  and supportive learning environment, based on our many years  of  experience in higher education. We accept students from our local community as well as from  all  over  the UK and indeed internationally. We are passionate  about  your  studies  and future, this is even  more important in these challenging times. It's so vital to gain good qualifications right now and have a career and  we are here to help you.


What makes LPTC so special? The wonderful atmosphere, really personalised approach and quality teaching and guidance. All the things we would expect if we were students.

LPTC currently provides English language classes, short professional courses, foundations and fast track, affordable degree qualifcations from Levels 3 to 7 with a number of UK recognised accreditors including OTHM, Qualifi, OCN and Access to HE.


There is no better time to get back to education, whether you are new to studying or have had a gap. We strongly believe that you  can achieve a qualification and enhance your career opportunities. No matter what your circumstances are.


I look forward to welcoming you to LPTC !