Critical Thinking



Course overview:

Critical thinking is a vital skill at university and later in life. University study introduces you to new concepts, ways of learning and requires you to think critically. You need to know how to question information sources and how to evaluate different arguments.

Despite critical thinking being so important, students are often unprepared when they start their studies. This course will show you what critical thinking skills you need at university level, how they can be applied to different disciplines and how to use practical strategies to develop these skills for a successful academic life.


Delivery Mode:

This is an online interactive course


Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone preparing to study at university level or for current university students. You may be an undergraduate or a new taught postgraduate student who might be unfamiliar with studying in the UK. If you want to have a successful academic life, this course will give you the foundations whatever your discipline at university.

Critical thinking skills are also valued later life by employers, so if you want to refresh your skills, this practical online course is for you.


Course Structure:

  • What is critical thinking?
  • A model for critical thinking
  • Why is critical thinking important at university?
  • Challenges to thinking critically at university
  • How can you improve your critical thinking?
  • Outcomes of critical thinking at university
  • Discuss and debate a wide range of topics to improve your fluency and accuracy
  • Listen to talks and lectures and explore strategies for notetaking
  • Read a wide range of academic texts such as articles, essays and reports
  • Expand and explore your knowledge of academic vocabulary
  • Be given tailored feedback on your academic written English.


Learning Outcome

  • Understand the academic demands and expectations of university and college courses in English
  • Use a range of key vocabulary and language for an academic context
  • Write extended essays and assignments based on research and reading
  • Think critically and express your opinions in both written and spoken English.



A London PT College certificate will be issued to all participants on completion of this course. In addition, you will receive a certificate confirming the number of CPD hours achieved for this course.


Entry requirements

  • Fluency in English
  • A good undergraduate degree or significant work experience in a relevant role
  • Minimum two years’ professional experience, typically our participants have more than ten years’ work experience.


Duration and delivery

The qualification is designed to be delivered over 6 days, but it is also flexible in its delivery in order to accommodate part-time and distance learning.

The qualification is delivered online.