Our Policies

College Policies, Procedures, Practices and Guidelines

London PT College has a number of Policies, Procedures, and Practices to govern its operation. These documents are meant to provide guidance and advice to members of the College community, in many academic and operational areas.


Policies, procedures, and practices are meant to guide members of the College in their day-to-day dealings. Students, staff and others can refer to these documents for guidance in many matters.

As accurate as the web version of these documents may be, should any dispute arise as to the policy, procedure, or practice, the written copy of the document that is maintained by the department or area concerned shall be deemed to be in force.

  1. LPTC Academic and Pastoral support 

  2. Admission Policy

  3. Complaints and Appeals Procedure (Applicants)

  4. Criminal Convictions Policy and Procedures

  5. Data Protection Policy - GDPR

  6. Distance Learning Policy

  7. Emergency Plan

  8. Equality  Diversity policy

  9. Feedback on assessment

  10. Feedback Policy & Procedure

  11. Fire Safety and Procedures Policy

  12. Health and Safety Policy

  13. Internal Appeals Procedures

  14. International Student-Policy

  15. Learner Evidence Tracking Sheet Template

  16. Student Recruitment Policy and Procedures

  17. Student, staff and visitors identification policy

  18. Training and Development Policy

  19. Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

  20. Refund Policy.

  21. Staff handbook.

  22. Attendance policy.