International Students

As a college accredited by the BAC (British Accreditation Centre), London PT College can now offer places to international students who wish to study in the UK.

After we offer students a place at our college, we can further assist them in applying for a Student Visa, which is required to enter the UK, via the British Embassy in their national countries.

The acceptance and offer letters issued by the college are acknowledged by all UK Embassies around the world.

London PT College is recognised as a short course visa Sponsor

Our status means that we can sponsor international students interested in courses at Level 3 and above.

In the majority of cases, international students from outside the EU need a visa to study in the UK.

Visas are issued by the UK Visa’s and Immigration (UKVI) . You need to apply to the UKVI for the most relevant student visa before travelling to the UK.

Our International Team can offer advice and guidance on the visa application process.

Visa application forms and fully detailed information on applying for student visas is available from the UKVI website.

Student Visitor Visa

Student Visitor visas are for students wishing to combine a visit to the UK lasting less than six months with a short course of study.

Any course at any level can be studied on this visa. Students wishing to study English in particular can apply through this visa to study for 11 months.

Student Visitors are not allowed to work part time at all.


Applying for a Visa

The application procedure varies depending on which type of visa you apply for.

In all cases, as soon as you have successfully been issued with your visa you should contact the College and provide details of the visa.

The UKVI offers guidance on applying for a student visa from outside the UK.

Once you have met the conditions of our offer to you and your fees have been received in full or the payment plan as agreed with the college, we will issue you with a visa letter including the course details.

This letter should be sent to the UKVI with relevant visa application form and documents.

Visa refusals and tuition fees

London PT College will only refund your course fees in the event of a visa refusal and only upon receiving the official UKVI refusal letter. An admin fee of £300 will be kept by the College in the event of a refund. Full details are available from the International Student Refund Policy.

Living & Studying in the UK

If you want to study at London PT College, then you will need to prepare to live in London. We can help you with all of the information and advice that you need. Our International team can advise on:​

  • The cost of living in London – we can help you to work out the cost of living.

  • Travelling around London – we can advise on the best and cheapest way to travel across London as a student.

Airport collection

The College can arrange a private taxi to pick you up from the airport on your arrival in the UK. There is an approximate £50 charge for this service. Please contact for dates of the pick-up and to confirm your booking.


Due to the student visa structure, our international students will not be eligible for free NHS or any other medical treatment, therefore students need to have their own private arrangement.

Useful Links for International Students

Emergency Contact:

In case of emergency, students are advised to contact  Houssam Mohammad at +447876318352 

Leisure Centres:

For more information about leisure centres in the college area, please refer to below link:



Visas and Immigration – Information from the British Government about visa applications to the UK


British Accreditation Council: