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General English Course

The English courses on offer at London PT College are mainly general English courses for both adult and
younger learners. The courses combine content from expert sources, with validated assessments from
experts in the field.
London PT College’s English courses encompass a unique mix of engaging classroom materials and
reliable assessments, with personalised online content, enabling learners to make consistent and
measurable progress

Key features:

  • A course book with thought-provoking images, texts and engaging video, designed to generate an emotional response; all helping teachers to deliver motivating and memorable lessons

  • Students are given learning pathways they can utilise outside of the classroom, ensuring they are making daily use of what they are learning and putting it into practice

  • Facilitators and tutors are provided with a full digital package enabling them to use a learning management system that is both user-friendly allowing easy access to web tools and with clear step-by-step guidance on how to use these tools in the modern classroom. This ultimately allows teachers to spend more time on preparing and delivering high-quality lessons.

Course duration:

Full time: One month (16 hours/week).

Part time: Three months (4 hours/week).

Time: TBA

Fees: £640 (UK/EU).

International students: please contact the college at

Age: 18+

*No registration fees.

*Free learning materials and book.

* Max. number of student/class: 8 students.