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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pre requisites for admission?

For you to be admitted in our college you must have attained a standard score in your high school level i.e. for first-time students. You are welcome to contact our registry department for further advice on the suitability of your qualifications. We always encourage all the student applicants to give exact details of their qualification including it’s the full title and the awarding institution. This will help us determine our decision.

How and When should I apply?

You are allowed to apply soonest possible when you have decided on what course to take. Complete and return the forms or apply online at www.lptcollege.co.uk. We will treat your application with urgency and arrange interview for you just to find out whether the course you are choosing is suitable for you and give you some necessary advice. If successful then we will admit you immediately.

When should I start my classes after submitting my application?

We admit new students immediately the admission period begins. This is after you submit your applications and met the standard qualifications. You should make your application as early as possible to avoid late admissions. Make sure you apply at least 3 weeks earlier so as to be admitted on time.

Do you offer online programs?

Yes, we do offer online programs for students who want to do distant learning for various reasons which they must provide before they get admitted; please contact us for further information.

What advising and support services are available?

We have counsellors, career advisers and tutors. These wonderful individuals offer every necessary support needed by students. Since individual needs differ, our support staff will make sure they have helped each student through their challenges. Be it in relation to study, health, social, emotional, mental etc. We always encourage students to speak up and share their problems and every case is treated with strictest confidentiality.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes; Please see our refund policy for further information.