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Exam Centre

GCSE & A Level

London PT College is an approved exam centre for AQA, OCR and Edexcel exam boards.

London PT College is an approved exam centre for the AQA, Edexcel and OCR examination boards. We accommodate all the standard subjects and will try to accept entries for the less popular subjects too.

Students are able to take GCSE, IGCSE and GCE (AS and A Level) examinations. The centre has the facilities for science practical and also language speaking examinations.

We are now accepting entries for Summer 2022. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Why choose us:

  • Private Examination Candidates are always welcomed

  • We offer all that an examination candidate needs.

  • We can offer 'most' subjects, however, please check with the Exams Office if you need confirmation for a specific exam unit.

  • Exam facilities include a well-equipped laboratory for science practical exams

  • Easy and convenient links to public transport

The Exams process for Private Candidates is as follows:

Exam Entries:

  • Fill the application form and click submit.

  • You will receive an email from the exam office (check your spam folder).

  • Once a candidate has made the payment, their entries will be entered into the Exam Board websites

  • Closer to the exam, each candidate will be sent their individual Statement of Entries and Exam Timetables

  • Please be aware that Late Entry fees will apply

During Exam:

  • Candidates need to arrive 30 mins before the start time (i.e. 9:30 am for AM and 1:30 pm for PM)

  • Candidates must bring their Statement of Entries and Photo IDs


  • Results will be made available online on the day of results.

  • Certificates arrive after about 3 months from results day and can be collected or posted as required.


We offer revision courses for some of the A Level subjects studied at UK schools. Those courses are Business, Economics, Maths,  English Language and English Literature.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ):

An EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is, to put it simply, a BIG independent project for which you’ll earn a qualification. It involves  writing an essay of about 5000 words, completing a piece of paperwork about your research and how you approached your project, and a final presentation where you’ll talk through this essay and paperwork. Alternatively you can make an ‘artefact’ - this can be a piece of artwork, or something else you’ve physically made – and an accompanying shorter essay. 

At our center, we offer full guidance on how to go about the EPQ, regular meetings and a full support pack.

Perhaps the BEST thing about an EPQ is that you can choose your topic and project title. As long as your topic and title give you enough to talk about in an ‘academic’ style, you can do whatever you want! 
There  are many benefits of an EPQ, acquiring an AS qualification, great practice for essay writing at university. For some people, an EPQ can  help you get into university in the first place as not only does it look great on your personal statement, but some courses offer lower grade requirements if you get a certain grade in your EPQ.

Exam Refund Policy:

For exam refund policy, please click here.

Examination Policies:

1- Academic assessment misconduct and appeals.

2- Access arrangement.

3- Assessing Access Arrangements.

4- Child protection policy.

5- COVID-19 Policy

6- Disability Policy

7- Emergency evacuation  Policy

8- Examination Timetable Clashes Policy

9- Exams Contingency Plan.

10- Exams Policy

11- GCE and GCSE non-examination assessments

12- Malpractice Procedure.

13- Refund Policy - Exam centre.

14- Safeguarding Protecting Policy


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