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Government accounting refers to the process of recording and the management of all financial transactions incurred by the government which includes its income and expenditures.


London PT College Leadership program provides experienced managers with crucial skills for leading people in a globalised environment. During the programme, you will learn how to create a culture of achievement that not only promotes long-term growth but also develops future generations of leaders.

 Leadership Programme


The objectives of this course are rich in contents and highly valuable as participants on this program will be able to make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving and ultimately through the application of processes of assessment of work issues and problems transform such issues and problems into practical business solutions.

Critical Thinking and Study Skills


London PT College provides the mini MBA bundle which combines top theoretical knowledge and practical insight from leading practitioners to help you accelerate your understanding of the business world 

Mini MBA


In this program, students will appreciate the importance of new ideas and innovation  to the economy and role of governments (funding research and development). On the other hand, this program will help students develop a structured business plan for a new venture. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


This course help students develop transferable management skills such as analysis, planning, communication, negotiation etc..

Business Development


on this course, students will learn different communication techniques, socio cultural differences and impact on business environment.