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About Us

Who we are?

Based in the city of London, London PT College is a private college. It was founded with the ultimate goal to offer quality, credible and certified curriculum with the aim of achieving outstanding examination results.

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Our Lecturers

Our dedicated lecturers are highly trained and qualified with great teaching style, friendly, empathetic and always keen to tackle students challenges on an individual basis in order to strengthen their weak academic areas.


Why Choose Us?

London PT College provides mentor-ship on the correct careers to pursue and a smooth highway for our students through which they can realize their dream careers for greater achievement.


Our fee charges are reasonable and pocket-friendly.  We always ensure no student lurks behind and so we have considered small class sizes to provide for individual tuition by the teachers to every student and this has resulted in excellent overall performance. We also focus on boosting each student’s confidence and self-esteem and so we always encourage our teachers to develop friendly relationships and positive interaction with students and keep the positive attitude at all times.


Mission Statement

Our mission statement is very simple and clear that our aim is to improve our student's knowledge and enhance their thinking to be competitive in their workplace for a brighter future.

We are an Accredited Business & Management School in London